Mazor - May you be in good health

Consultation System, Guidance, and Medical Support under the leadership of Rabbi Shimon Rogoway.

הכוונה רפואית

Medical Guidance

Consultation and medical guidance with the best doctors tailored to individual needs



Guidance and bureaucratic assistance throughout the entire process



International medical expertise using advanced methods and technologies

Application process

step 1


Transfer all relevant information, including medical records, to the organization's computerized and discrete system.


The Inquiry details, along with supporting documentation, will be forwarded to Rabbi Rogoway's team of advisors for review and to formulate a response tailored to each request.


The office team will forward recommendations from the professional staff and provide all necessary information to advance the solution prior to your request.

step 4


If necessary, the Coordination and Support System will assist in the ongoing handling with the health care system. In complex cases, a meeting is arranged with the organization's professional team.


The “Mazor” organization was founded by Rabbi Shimon Rogoway after decades of experience in medical counseling and guidance. The organization’s mission, as its name implies, is to bring balm to sick patients in moments when they need help, a guiding hand, and professional and courteous guidance in the bureaucracy of the Israeli health care system.

Letters of appreciation


Family M.

To Rabbi Rogoway Shlita, peace, and blessing. About a month ago we consulted the Rabbi about a match that had been suggested to us. The young man had Juvenile Diabetes and my daughter Crohn’s disease in remission. We send the medical reports to the rabbi, and he told us to go ahead with the match. We merited such a special guy, very real and noble soul. Without your help we would not be able to go ahead with the suggestion! Thank you so much, from the depths of our hearts! We are overjoyed! May Hashem bless you for your actions!




In honor of the Mazor organization and its head, Rabbi Shimon Rogoway. I wanted to thank the rabbi for the recommendation he made us about Dr. Yedin Levy of Shaarei Tzedek. I must mention that we met an angel doctor. Such a professional and humane doctor, truly a messenger of God. He received my husband, a difficult patient who needed hip surgery for the second time. He did a very professional job and even after the surgery he made sure to call and ask for my husband’s well-being, which is not self-understood at all. So, thank you very much. I attach the phone number of his secretary, Segal. I thank god that I got to him through Mazor. Thank you so much and you should be blessed.



Rachel and Orly

In honor of Rabbi Rogoway and the team of Mazor organization, I am writing these lines in the name of my mother- Rachel, my name and in the name of our entire family. We wanted to express our deep gratitude to you for the accompaniment and support we have received in the last two years. My mother has been dealing with cancer for several years and has undergone quite a few treatments along the way. Her treatment involved quite a few dilemmas and difficult questions. At every step along the way and in every new dilemma, we never felt alone. Special thanks to Rabbi Rogoway and Rabbi Shlomo for the quick response and availability to every question, for the professionalism, but no less than that for the great sensitivity and care, and for the strengthening and encouraging conversation that gave us a lot of light during this time. Thanks to all the staff at the Mazor organization. Unfortunately, we do not know everyone by name, but our thanks go to all of you. You deserve praise.



Family P.

Hello and blessings, about three weeks ago my son, the groom, right before the wedding, had severe stomach pains, an intestinal infection was suspected. We were worried about what would happen at the wedding and we asked for Rabbi Rogoway’s help to meet with an expert gastrologist. It was Friday, he first calmed us down and said he would take care of the matter immediately. On Sunday, right in the morning, they arranged an appointment for us with Dr. Shitrit from Shaarei Tzedek, and during the day, Mazor called to ask if everything was ok. We reached Dr. Shitrit and received the treatment and he felt great at the wedding. We are very, very grateful to Rabbi Rogoway and the Mazor team. May God reward you and may your reward be complete from heaven. We thank you and appreciate everything.


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