Advice and guidance

הבנה עמוקה של תחומי הרפואה השונים

Deep understanding of different areas of medicine

היכרות רחבה עם מערכת הבריאות בארץ ובעולם

Extensive familiarity with the healthcare system in Israel and around the world

מציאת פתרון מתאים לכל פניה ע"פ מכלול הנתונים

Finding the right solution for each request based on the totality of the situation

זמינות לכל פונה

Availability for every applicant

אדיבות ומקצועיות

Courtesy and professionalism

כל המידע הנדרש לחולה

All the information required for the patient

Medical Informatics

In the current era of flourishing medical research and development, information is updated on a daily basis, so that a person is not able to contain the flow of information. Therefore, a new field in medical sciences called “informatics” has been established, which provides tools and professional methods to find up-to-date and reliable information in any field and for any medical question – we at Mazor have adopted this field to help those who contact us.

Coordination and guidance


Bureaucratic support with the health care system, including health insurance companies and hospitals


Accompanying the patient and family throughout the process with maximum courtesy and availability.

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